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Frick Facts

Open for Tasting & Sales: 12- 4:30, Saturday and Sunday
Established: 1976, Bonded Winery #4771
Owner: Bill Frick
Winemaker: Bill Frick
Estate vineyards: 7.7 acres
Grapes: viognier, syrah, cinsaut, mourvèdre, carignane, grenache, grenache blanc, counoise
Production: 1400 total cases
Tel/FAX 707-857-1980

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The Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Sonoma County

Estate, Owl Hill Vineyard grows the syrah that is our focus. These two acres, planted in 1989 struggle in the Dry Creek Conglomerate soil that surrounds the winery. The grapes are full of flavor and perfumed with violets and roses.

Estate, Gannon Vineyard yields Viognier in small amounts, but richly flavored with characteristics and aromas of melon, pear, apple, papaya, hazelnut and exotic spices.

Cinsaut, Dry Creek Valley grows down a dusty road on a small bench land vineyard. The grape has strawberry and cherry fruit, soft tannins and is very rare in California. There are only 7 acres of this variety in Sonoma County. Our Dry Creek Valley Vineyard is about 2 acres in size.

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How it started, a personal story

While the other kids were playing Cowboys and Indians, Bill Frick was playing winery.

It was my summer vacation in 1954; my parents stopped at Italian Swiss Colony in Asti California to tour and taste the wines. This was my first time at a winery. In the warm sun, green grapevines blew in a soft breeze. Concrete floors in the cool winery were wet and large hoses lay coiled like snakes next to gigantic redwood vats that smelled like exotic fruit and wine.

The wine bug bit me big time; I had just turned 8. From that moment on I was driven to grow grapes and make wine. The dream came true in 1976 when Judith Gannon, and I started this lifelong dream, bonding winery #4771 and making wine commercially. We sold the 1957 Chevy and emptied our savings account. We were broke, but we had our own little winery and it looked like heaven to us.

I still employ true old traditional methods. Making all wines gently, starting with hand harvest, punching the cap by hand, bucketing skins, no hurry, no fining or filtering, and small oak aging. This practice produces wines that are remarkably honest to the grape.

For me, wine is about the grape. My goal with all my wines is to show the unique character of each grape variety, vineyard and vintage in every bottle.

Bill Frick

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What other people say...

“This is a splendid small estate which is establishing a solid reputation.” - Remington Norman, MW, Rhone Renaissance

“All Agree..there's a lot going on in Frick” - Wine Enthusiast Magazine

“Elegant Wine” - The Wine Spectator

“Thought produced in small quantities, they are wine to seek out for their sheer charm and personality”- The Wine Authority

“An outstanding bottle of wine.. truly a wine that made you pay attention.” - Dorothy J. Gaiter & John Brecher, The Wall Street Journal

“Frick wines are elegantly made and worth a special trip to find.” - Harold J. Baer, Jr., Colorado Wine News